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Data science can help you find a career, but you need to figure out what you want to do with those skills. You can choose a career that uses these skills, or you can offer freelance services. There are a lot of different options out there, so you need to choose the career path that you want and use your data science skills in this way. Take a look at some of the career paths available to you.

Data Analyst

This is typically an entry-level position in data science. You will analyze data within a company and use it to explain to the managers what is happening in different areas. You will usually be given a set of questions to answer, and you can analyze the data to deliver the results. You can use this position to develop some of your other skills so that you can advance later in your career. You have a wide range of industries to choose from because they need data analysts.

Data Scientist

In addition to analyzing data, a data scientist will also build machine learning models to make predictions based on the data. Rather than simply answering questions using data, you could analyze how changing a strategy would impact the bottom line of the company. This position requires that you understand machine learning and know how to build models so that you can make accurate predictions and forecasts.

Data Engineer

As a data engineer, you will manage the infrastructure of a company. You will spend more time developing software and using programming skills, and there is less analysis of data. You will be responsible for building the systems where past data is stored, and you will need advanced programming skills for this job. You might have the ability to move into a management position, and there is a lot of opportunity in this career.

Final Words

These are the three major paths that you can follow in data science, but there are a lot of other roles, including statistician, machine learning engineer, quantitative analyst, and more. The first step is to decide where your skills lie and then develop the experience to move to the position that interests you the most.