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Tech startups are always on the horizon, and they dominate the market. They are constantly improving apps, services, and more. Trends change, and the pandemic certainly brought some tech to the forefront. Take a look at three that are dominating the startups in 2021.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The need for AI has increased with the changes brought about by the pandemic. The sheer volume of data that has been collected in the last year is huge, and all of it is sorted and analyzed. This has increased the need for AI, which has made it all manageable. The demand for machine learning has increased and this is a place to look for tech startups in 2021. The need to sort, analyze, and store information related to COVID, such as who has it, who has been vaccinated, and so on, is driving the demand for this type of tech.

  1. Extended Reality (XR)

The need for XR, which includes Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has also grown since the pandemic. Many challenges associated with remote working, remote healthcare, and remote education can be facilitated with this technology. For example, using VR, an eye doctor can perform an eye exam remotely. Patients can use AR to choose the pair of glasses they want without having to go in to try them on. This field is taking off with people still minimizing their contact with the general public.

  1. Self-Driving Cars

People in tech have been talking about self-driving cars for a long time but some companies, including Tesla and Honda, have taken steps to make them a reality. The pandemic didn’t get in the way of their advancement, and they should have some projects to show for it in the coming year. In addition to Tesla and Honda, Waymo and Toyota are working on making self-driving cars, or some version of them, a reality.

Final Words

The pandemic might have slowed down some industries, but it has helped others more ahead more quickly. Keep your eyes open to see some of the advances that tech will make in these fields in 2021.