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All of the changes in the last year have led to many people working from home. People are accessing education, healthcare, and their jobs online, and technology and security have been working to make sure that connectivity works and is safe. Take a look at some of the trends that are forthcoming in cyber security for 2021.

Attacks on Remote Infrastructure Are Likely

The pandemic brought sweeping changes to business very quickly, and workers all over the world transitioned to remote jobs. Many are still working remotely, and the way business operates has fundamentally changed. It is unlikely that it will ever return to the former setup, although some people will go back to work. Companies didn’t have time to plan for increased security with remote workers accessing their infrastructure; as a result, it is possible that hackers will try to attack the remote infrastructure to exploit vulnerabilities.

Evolution of Smart Devices From Connected to Autonomous

Smart devices can assist with many different jobs, and they are likely to use artificial intelligence to become more autonomous. These devices will be able to continue working even if there is a connectivity outage or someone doesn’t sign in to tell it what to do. They can be programmed to execute tasks and continue working. This can lead to security implications because they are vulnerable without anyone checking up on them regularly. It is likely that there will be an increase in remote monitoring and smart devices will take on more tasks.

Internet Connectivity Providers Need to Provide More Bandwidth

There is no doubt that the amount of traffic on the Internet has increased drastically, and it brought with it a need for more monitoring and more security. All of this takes more bandwidth, and ISPs are working hard to increase the available bandwidth so that people have the connectivity they need for all of their devices.

Final Words

Cyber security will be working day and night to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of the Internet so that people and businesses can be safe when they are online.