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Connecting everyday objects to the internet is old news. However, as technology advances so do its capabilities for what it can do for businesses and individuals alike. It’s increase in popularity and use over the past few years led to massive breakthroughs in the services the IoT can provide, making it even more helpful to its consumers. While the internet of things is almost always trending these days, these are the most important and impactful trends to watch out for in the coming years. 

Improved Device Security

Device hacking and data theft are one of the most common issues that arise with IoT use. Security solutions are currently in development, especially as home security and self-driving cars become increasingly popular, to prevent any breaches. The emergence of blockchain technology gave cyber security a boost with its ability to quickly lock down devices with suspicious behavior and its protections against data tampering. The future will most definitely incorporate more ways to keep individual devices more secure through the use of blockchain. 

Increased Infonomics

The practice of selling data is becoming an immense issue. The sheer amount of data available to companies through connected devices is staggering. More and more companies are gaining access to the data collected and very few regulations are in place to ensure your data is protected and used how you’d prefer. Data-as-a-service is starting to emerge and this trend should be closely watched as marketplaces will be created to sell data received from connected devices. 

Emergence of Smarter Cities

Cities are leveraging the use of IoT and its technologies to increase accessibility, efficiency, and safety. More and more people are moving to cities and the opportunity for growth in this field is high, and the opportunities are almost endless. From installing censors to build better infrastructure to offering public services that are not already in place, IoT is uniquely capable of providing these services and many more to improve the lives of many. 

Creation of More Smart Homes

While IoT is leading the way to smart cities on a large scale, it’s not limited to grandiose projects. Smart homes used to be for the rich, but expect to see increased access to smart devices and new devices becoming smart over the next few years that’s affordable for everyone. Most appliances can now be connected to the IoT with varying capabilities. Expect more from existing smart devices as their technology advances and expect to see lots of new appliances achieve connectivity in the near future.