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With the prevalence of remote work and the slow return to the office, cyber security is more important than ever for businesses. The intricate security brick and mortar businesses had in place can’t do their jobs effectively when the workforce is signing on from personal computers and networks. Luckily, there are plenty of strategies businesses can have their employees implement to ensure any and all data are kept secure. 

Enforce Password Rules

A strong password is the first level of protection against hackers and should always be in place on every device used for work. Updating passwords regularly is often seen as an annoying and unnecessary task, however it should be mandatory and undertaken on a regular basis. 

Regularly Update Systems

A connection to the internet is a vulnerable point hackers can exploit. To adhere to best practices, it’s best to keep systems, applications, and connections as up to date as possible. As new software updates roll out make sure your company implements them immediately to minimize exposure to vulnerabilities. 

Implement VPNs

Networks that are protected by the bare minimum security measures are much simpler to hack. Virtual private networks (VPNs) add an essential layer of security to any connection. Whether your employees are logging in from home or a public network it’s easy to use and keeps any and all connections protected. It’s a low-cost solution that keeps customer and employee data more secure. 

Retire Unused Services

Unused services include limited-duration product trials, software that is no longer in use, applications that are no longer relevant, and login credentials that are no longer associated with an employee to name a few. If there are aspects of a service you don’t use that can be hacked, be sure to turn those off to keep vulnerabilities to a minimum. If there are unused applications, consider retiring them and only keeping what your employees actively use. 

Check Existing Security Options

Some apps come with their own security measures. The vendors from whom you purchase your applications or services will know their products inside and out and should be able to tell you where and how you’ll need extra security. Always opt for products and services that come with a layer of security already installed. That way any extra precautions you take will be even more effective.