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Amit Bilgi

Data Scientist


A little bit about background.

Located in San Francisco, Amit Bilgi is a Data Scientist with a passion for numbers and big ideas. But Amit wasn’t always on the path of STEM-related activities. “I actually tended to stay away from the hard sciences when I was young. I didn’t think I was really any good at it.”

Things changed for Amit when he hit his early 20s, and once he dove deep to better understand the concepts, he didn’t really look back. One of the unique traits Amit possesses -and, credit this to his interest when he was younger – is his emphasis and passion on “soft skills”. For Amit Bilgi, the realm of data science is a bit unbalanced in many of its approaches at the moment. “For instance,” he says. “As we’ve – albeit, not intentionally – devalued skills like interpersonal communication, reliability, and communication have led us to an industry for of highly-skilled, technical professionals that may not be able to communicate their research or findings in an effective manner.” One thing Amit strives to embody is a healthy mix, staying away from the false dialectic of an overfocus on right-brain or left-brain mentality.

Currently, Amit Bilgi is a Data Scientist in Strategic Finance for Uber, and while he’s not keen on the term “data science” due to the sector growing increasingly crowded with companies trying to capitalize on the trend, he’s worked on everything from financial planning optimization to COVID-19 impact analysis for the company.

Amit’s Interests¬†

More details about career and life

An area of interest for Amit Bilgi, as it related to technology, is online learning. Showing its worth, especially in post-COVID-19 2020, Amit is passionate about seeing this sector of technology continue to merge with education. “Not only does online learning diversify learning and allow people who may not otherwise have access to traditional forms of education get in on the conversation, but it allows highly-skilled and knowledgable individuals share their wisdom and knowledge, people who otherwise wouldn’t make it or have any interest in pursuing the more ‘business’ side of things that often accompanies institutions of higher education.”

In his spare time, Amit Bilgi makes every effort to get outside and get away from a computer screen. Living in beautiful California, Amit loves hiking, exercise, fitness, and sports.

For more on tech, sports, and Amit’s passions, be sure to follow him online and check back here on a monthly basis.